Ukrainian remote bookkeeping & payroll services for small business

Accounting services for small businesses in Ukraine

You need accounting & payroll service provider to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and treat your data confidential?

Units Consulting Ltd. is Ukrainian leading accounting firm and payroll provider, which provides accounting services for small businesses in Kiev (Kyiv). We have deep knowledge of laws and legislation that are applied in Ukraine, which we use for the best outcome of our clients. Doing books for Ukrainian businesses requires a composite knowledge of various laws, norms, standards and legislations applicable in Ukraine

Our professional team of accounting and payroll experts in Ukraine cover all bases and ensure everything continues to run smoothly. We continuously review the needs of our clients to proactively ensure that they have the proper controls and procedures in place to not only meet compliance requirements, but achieve their business objectives.

Our service level agreement ensures that performance expectations are understood, monitored and achieved and that we deliver consistent levels of quality, professionalism and accountability. 

We provide customized reports for management purposes based upon client requirement (Sales Performance, KPI’s, Overheads reporting,etc will be there).

For small to large-sized businesses, managing your own payroll can prove a time-consuming and costly affair. By handing it over to experts like us who have the latest systems, software and resources at our fingertips, you allow yourself and your staff to focus on other areas of the business – and minimize the risk of errors.

All you need to do is to provide the time sheets and payroll exceptions and we do the rest – including:

  • A full payroll outsourcing solution in Ukraine
  • Generation of bank file for bulk electronic bank transfers
  • Automatic email of employee payslips to designated person
  • Components of gross, tax & net pay calculations
  • Leave management
  • Additions & deductions management
  • Superannuation calculations
  • On-going payroll support & advice
  • Detailed department costing allocation

Being the best accountants and payroll experts for small business, we also believe in constantly evolving and improving in doing and way of doing the work for the clients. For the purpose, we always welcomed the sessions from the client. If we would not accept the changes to next years, then how can we promise the innovations to our clients as well. We, at accounting company Units Consulting Ltd. (Kiev, Ukraine), believe in undertaking the post engagement survey for business report engagement. This is the information helpful to offer solutions to all your issues.

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