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Business Registration in Kiev, Ukraine

The form of legal presence in Ukraine which your business takes influences every aspect of the work that you do. 

Your choice of legal presence has an impact on the type of deals you are capable of making and the tax consequences of those deals. It affects your financial and tax accounting and reporting. It affects what you are capable of doing as far as customs are concerned, currency control legislation, your ability to employ foreign nationals, repatriation of income, application of international treaties and a whole range of other aspects. Therefore, particular attention must be paid to Ukrainian business modeling prior to set up of a company or subsidiary in Ukraine. You can't afford not to speak to our experts. 

There are several forms a foreign investor can take in Ukraine. A foreign investor may set up a Ukrainian company in the form of a limited liability company, a joint-stock company (which can be private or public) or a partnership. The remaining alternative is to register a representative office or branch office of a foreign company in Ukraine.

Ukrainian company registration procedure requires serious legal work, which can cause great difficulties for the person who does not know this or that knowledge and experience in this field, and do not have much time. We are ready to take on all the worries related to the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Remember that a successful future depends not only on the idea, industry, market research and business plan, but also on how well and thoroughly was once prepared a package of documents to be submitted to the registration authority.  

Units Consulting Ltd. (Kiev) assists you with hassle-free company registration, legal, taxation, bookkeeping outsourcing and payroll services in Ukraine.

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